Where to Play

Draftkings – Personally, I think Draftkings provides the best Fantasy NASCAR experience. Every contest is based on a single race, with contests ranging from free to $10,000. Games are played by building a roster of 6 drivers using your $50,000 of salary. Scoring is based on Finish, Place Differential, Laps Led and Fastest Laps.  Most of the content on this site will be geared towards Draftkings contests, and our Draftkings leagues.

NASCAR.com – NASCAR offers two games of their own, both of which benefit from signing up early and participating throughout the entire season. The first game is NASCAR Live, which works similarly to Draftkings in that you are given a salary cap ($100) and you need to build a roster, this time of 5 drivers.  The scoring is pretty much the same, but with the addition of stage points. The game is free and has weekly and season long prizes for top finishers.  The 2nd game from NASCAR is ‘Streak to the Finish’, in which you attempt to pick a driver that will finish in the top 10, across all 3 NASCAR series. The goal is to build the longest streak of consecutive successful picks, with each un-successful pick setting you back to zero.  It’s free to play and there are prizes for various achievements.

Fantasy Racing Cheat Sheet – With the departure of Yahoo! from the Fantasy NASCAR landscape, FRCS has stepped up and created an almost identical game called “The Driver Group Game”.  This is a season-long format where drivers are assigned one of three groups at the start of the season A for the top drivers, B for the middle of the pack and C for the back-end drivers. Players must construct a roster each week consisting of 2 A’s, 4 B’s and 2 C’s, with various scoring categories that include Qualifying.  For more information visit the website.

FantasyRacingOnline.net – In another reactionary move, this time to Fox Sports dropping their Fantasy NASCAR offering, it appears FRO will be running a game of similar format.  Admittedly, I don’t know much about this format, so I would keep an eye on the site or follow @FanRacingOnline, and wait for more details.

SFL500 – This is another season long format which follows a group-play format.  It’s a pay-to-play format with weekly and season long cash prizes.  Players buy-in and create a roster of 12 drivers picked from 5 groups. Once on your team the drivers remain on your team, unless you trade them out, which comes at an additional cost (introducing some strategy/value).  Driver point are earned based on finish position, with a cumulative score counting towards your teams weekly and season long finish.

Random Fantasy Racing – This one is pretty simple, just sign into the website, click a button and you are randomly assigned a driver for the next race.  Accrue the most points over the course of the season and collect a pretty sweet trophy.

RaceDayScore – Race Day Score is a daily fantasy sports site, which operates similar to Draftkings, but on a much smaller scale.  You wont find contests with big prizes on the site, but it is one of the only places that you can find games for the Xfinity, Trucks, Indy and NHRA series.