Research and Strategy


Racing Reference – This site will be your best friend if you are interested in digging into stats and researching on your own. They have literally everything you need to know about every race.

Jayski – Jayski is a great real-time source of information… Weekend schedule, starting grid, practice results, etc…

Motor Racing Network – A lot of the same information as Jayski, I think some of the stuff is a little easier to navigate, and most of it translates over to Excel more easily if you have personal models.

Content Providers

A quick note on Content Providers before I drop the list.

Since there are only 40 drivers (max) in a race, it can be very hard to differentiate from the crowd, especially on Draftkings. Often times there are a few obvious plays (which you wont need help with), and a few drivers that are absolutely unplayable (again, probably don’t need help). The decision generally comes down to a small pool of players to complete a roster, or a few acceptable pivots.

There are a few content providers that have an enormous following, which causes large groups of duplicate lineups, especially in cash games.  My suggestion would be, if you subscribe to a content provider with a large following, make sure you find a way to differentiate yourself from the crowd.  Or better yet, find a content provider with a more exclusive group.  NASCAR is a very easy sport once you get the hang of it, you generally aren’t getting more value from the big guys simply because of the size of the group that you are putting yourself in.

With that said… it is still nice to know where those crowds are going, so if you choose to, and you can afford it, it can be smart to subscribe to multiple services.

RotoGrinders Marketplace – Rotogrinders has a package available in their marketplace (details not yet posted as of 1/30), which is run by @StevieTPFL. You wont get any fancy analytics in this package, but you will get a super strong knowledge of the sport, practice notes and garage talk from a guy that has grown up in the sport and has direct relationships with a few drivers.

Rotoviz – Rotoviz is the other super popular offering, offering a perfect contrasts to the Rotogrinders offering.  Run by @RotoDoc, their package is one of the only (if not THE only) package out there driven by a Machine Learning model.  They also offer some very good ownership projections.

DFS Power Hour – If I wanted to stay away from the “Big 2” (which I do), this package would be one of my top choices.  Run by @DK_Wheels,   @BlueDevill3331 and  @PJFrapDFS. You’ll get the same level of knowledge and experience with this package that you would with any other, and likely with a much smaller core of subscribers.  They also offer a 24/7 slack chat.

I will continue to add to this list as time allows.