DK-Unlimited Rules and Format

League/Contest Format

DK Unlimited is a league which will use Draftkings as its primary platform.

  • All members will join the ‘2018 DK-Unlimited’ league on the Draftkings website, where weekly contests will be hosted.
  • It is the responsibility of each player to enter every week, failure to enter will result in a score of 0 points for the week.
  • If we get over 200 members, multiple contests will be posted each week and scores from all contests will be merged, each member is asked to join only 1 contest. If multiple contests are entered, the lowest score for each member will be considered official.
  • The regular season will consist of the first 26 races of the NASCAR season (excluding the clash/duels/all-star race). The playoffs will consist of the final 10 races.

Prize Categories

There are 3 separate ways to chase prize money. The prize pool for each category will evolve as the number of entries increases, but will be finalized within 1 week of the first race.

  • Individual races/contests. There will be prizes for finishing at the top of the leader board in any given week. There will also be “Bonus Races” during the regular season, which along with Playoff races, will provide double the prizes.
  • Overall Points Championship. There will be prizes for the top finishers in total Standings Points for all 36 races combined.
  • Playoffs Championship. After the first 26 races, a percentage of the league will advance to the playoffs, with eliminations after each set of 3 races. The remaining members after 3 rounds of the playoffs will compete for the playoff prize pool during the championship race.

Point Structure

The points system is designed to be similar to the NASCAR point system. Some modifications have been made, specifically to account for the number of people in the league and the variation in DK points available in each race, based on the total laps.

  • Results in weekly contests will be used to calculate Standings Points. The highest DK score each week will be awarded a Win, 100 Standings Points and 5 Playoff Points.
    • Any tie for a win will count as .5 wins, Playoff Points will be divided equally (rounded up to nearest whole point)
    • 1.5 wins during the regular season will guarantee a playoff spot (If league gets over 200 members, 1 win will be enough to qualify)
      • Must be Top 30 or Top 75% in Points (whichever is bigger)
  • Everyone else will be given the proportional value of their DK score relative to the max.
    • If the high score is 400 and you score 300, you will receive 75 Standings Points.
  • At the conclusion of the 26 race regular season, Playoff Points will be awarded based on position in the standings.
    • 1st = 15 Playoff Points
    • 2nd = 10 Playoff Points
    • 3rd = 8 Playoff Points
    • 4th = 7 Playoff Points
    • 5th = 6 Playoff Points
    • 6th = 5 Playoff Points
    • 7th = 4 Playoff Points
    • 8th = 3 Playoff Points
    • 9th = 2 Playoff Points
    • 10th = 1 Playoff Points
  • At the beginning of each Playoff round, 10% Standings Points from all previous races will convert to Playoff Points
    • If you have 2500 Standings Points in the regular season, you will start the playoffs with 250 Playoff Points
  • The Overall Points Championship will consist ONLY of cumulative Standings Points.

Playoff Format

Much like NASCAR, the playoffs will consist of 3 rounds of 3 races, followed by a championship race at Homestead Miami.

  • Since the size of the league is not fixed, 40% of the league will make the playoffs (rounded up, minimum of 16). This is the equivalent of 16 out of 40 advancing.
    • Members who qualify for the playoffs based on wins will get priority, remaining spots will be determined by Standings Points
  • There will be three playoff rounds leading up to the championship race.
    • Round 1 = Races 27-29 (Vegas, Richmond, Charlotte)
    • Round 2 = Races 30-32 (Dover, Talladega, Kansas)
    • Round 3 = Races 33-35 (Martinsville, Texas, Phoenix)
    • Championship = Race 36 (Homestead)
  • Scoring in each round will consist of all previously earned Playoff Points, plus Standings Points earned in each race within the round.
  • After each round of 3 races, 25% of the original number of playoffs teams will be eliminated (rounded up). This is the equivalent of 4 out of 16 being eliminated.
    • Any solo win will guarantee advancement to the next round, tied wins will advance if all-involved fit into the next round.
    • After wins, advancing members will be determined by Points.
  • Playoff prizes will be determined by position of finish in the championship race contest, number of paid positions will be determined based on final league headcount.
  • Playoff Tiebreakers will be as follows
    1. Highest single Standings Points scored in round
    2. 2nd highest single Standings Points scored in round
    3. 3rd highest single Standings Points scored in round
    4. Total Points after previous round (if applicable)
    5. Highest finish in race #1 of round
    6. Highest finish in race #2 of round
    7. Highest finish in race #3 of round
    8. Regular Season Points